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Implementing BIM on your projects can either add value or become an additional and unnecessary cost. Having a well thought out plan for introducing BIM to your projects helps maximise potential benefit, reduce BIM related risk, and maintain a focus on your priorities. Our BIM implementation services focus on three key steps:

Strategy – Implementing BIM makes sense if it supports your business strategy. At this stage of implementation we help identify BIM opportunities that will facilitate your business objectives and BIM pitfalls that will only cost you money. The result is a roadmap that aligns implementation with your operational goals, resource capabilities, and a sustainable timeline.

Process Review & Development – Once we know how BIM aligns with your business strategy, we shift focus to your operational process. An ‘as is’ business process review tells us how you currently obtain project information, which feeds into the development of a ‘to be’ process that incorporates BIM technology. Your ‘to be’ process, associated KPIs, and support documentation become the reference points for cost effective BIM implementation.

Training – BIM enabled work processes will be new to your corporate and project teams. Customised workshop based training is used to demonstrate practical applications of new technologies and improved ways of working. Your staff will have the confidence to buy into your investment in BIM and execute your implementation plan.


It is your asset, your capital, and we believe you have the right to project transparency. Construction projects are complex, but the data is there to gain important project insights. We make this data accessible through the following services to give you a true view of your projects as they progress:

Pre-Construction Planning – Your asset is a liability until it is completed and generating revenue. We assess and score schedules submitted for bid responses to mitigate associated project risk. Our design or construction schedule scorecard helps you determine which bidder has the best understanding of project constraints and methodology for completing your project on time.

Quantification & Change Management – Hidden project surprises often lead to out of control budgets. We extract the scope of work from models on a planned and regular basis to highlight changes that may impact your project’s bottom line. Scope creep can be identified and managed before influencing your project.

Progress Tracking – Understanding the current status of your project status is critical to capital control. We use the following techniques to provide you with a user-friendly toolset for continuously assessing your projects:

  • Virtual design and construction simulations
  • On-site time lapse/video camera deployment
  • Project schedule tracking dashboards

The earlier project challenges can be identified and resolved, the better projects will perform.



Good data adds value to projects and poor project data adds risk. Managing construction information is similar to managing a sports team:

  • A game plan needs to be set
  • The team selected needs to have the skills to perform
  • Execution needs to be measured

Our Information Management services follow this principle to ensure project teams perform to all-star levels:

BIM Requirements Development & Bid Assessment – BIM project delivery starts with your information requirements and the ability of your team to meet them. We have the tools and experience to help you produce effective Employers Information Requirements documentation and assess the BIM capabilities of teams bidding on your projects. Defining your targets and knowing your project team’s capabilities helps to ensure your expectations will be met.

Execution Planning, Workflow Management, & Performance Monitoring – Having a sound game plan and measuring performance focusses project teams and improves project transparency. We provide the following services to manage project information:

  • BIM Execution Plan development and administration
  • Model audits and reviews
  • Project team training and technical support
  • Deliverable planning & management
  • Design and Construction Coordination meeting facilitation
  • Model coordination dashboards
  • Model progress dashboards
  • Data validation dashboards
  • Facility data extraction
  • LEED consultancy and certification management

Project information created with end game goals in mind helps ensure you get what you paid for and reduces information management risk.

Construction & Asset Information Model Production – The value of your data depends on the quality of models produced to generate it. We provide the modelling services needed to help your teams meet your virtual construction and facility data expectations. Project team skill gaps can be filled to meet your needs. 


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