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The data produced through BIM has the potential to greatly improve the delivery of building and infrastructure projects. Having a well thought out plan for integrating BIM with your commercial, construction, and project management processes helps maximise potential benefit, reduce BIM related risks, and maintain a focus on your priorities. Our BIM implementation services focus on three key steps:

Strategy – It is imperative that you target the discipline specific aspects of BIM that will add value to your company. At this stage of implementation we help identify BIM opportunities that facilitate your business objectives and risks that can prevent you from maximising BIM benefits. The result is a roadmap that aligns implementation with your corporate, management, and site based performance targets.

Process Review & Development – Once we know how BIM aligns with your business strategy, we shift focus to your information management workflows. An ‘as is’ business process review tells us how you currently create, procure, and use project information, which feeds into the development of a ‘to be’ process that incorporates BIM. Your ‘to be’ process, associated KPIs, and support documentation become the reference points for sustainable BIM implementation.

Training – Implementing BIM for construction requires a focus on delivering and managing information for on-site gains. We provide customised training covering the following topics:

  • Autodesk Revit & Navisworks for Contractors (Autodesk Authorised Training Centre)
  • Construction Visualisation
  • Synchro
  • BIM to Site Workflow Integration
  • BIM Standard Compliance (BSI Associate Consultant Programme Member No. 364)
  • MS Project
  • Primavera P6
  • Bentley Microstation, AECOsim


Proper planning and controls are critical to the success of construction projects. In addition to the practical benefits of managing your projects effectively, our project planning and controls services provides you with insights that can be used to improve performance. We make this data accessible through the following services to give you a true view of your projects as they progress:

Project Planning – Communicating construction methods, sequencing, and an understanding of project constraints is an important factor in gaining a client’s confidence and winning work. Our project planning services include:

  • Model production for bid submissions
  • Project schedule assessments
  • Constructability simulations for bid submissions
  • Health & safety construction simulations

Early stage project planning mitigates schedule risk and serves as a baseline for progress tracking.

Quantification & Change Management – Rapid quantification through BIM provides an opportunity to strategically price projects at bid stage, quickly assess proposed changes, and facilitate a transparent change management process. After validating model data, we extract, report, and compare quantities to identify changes in scope and streamline change management approvals. Efficient change management reduces your schedule and commercial risk.

Progress Tracking – Understanding the status of your projects is an essential part of managing project risk. We link your project schedule, model, and site data to track construction progress using:

  • Planned versus actual construction simulations
  • On-site time lapse/video camera deployment
  • Project schedule tracking dashboards
  • Customised project check sheets

Combining schedule, model, and site data gives you the opportunity to effectively report progress to your clients and gain insights into project performance.



Good data adds value to projects and poor project data adds risk. Managing construction information is similar to managing a sports team:

  • A game plan needs to be set
  • The selected team need to execute in accordance with the plan and adapt as necessary
  • Performance needs to be monitored and lessons learned

Our Information Management services follow this principle to ensure construction teams perform to all-star levels:

BIM Requirements Review & Bid Support – A clear understanding of project requirements is needed to assess BIM resourcing and commercial impacts. Following a review of bid documentation, we provide advice for pre-submission queries, identify areas for post-contract negotiation, and supporting documentation for your bid submission. Communicating your understanding of BIM requirements, outlining your approach to drive value through BIM, and presenting a fee aligned with client targets strengthen your bid submissions.

Execution Planning, Workflow Management, & Performance Monitoring – Having a sound game plan for producing project information and a clear way to measure model data leads to improved performance. We provide the following services to manage project information:

  • BIM Execution Plan development and administration
  • Model audits and reviews
  • Project team training and technical support
  • Deliverable planning & management
  • Design and Construction Coordination meeting facilitation
  • Model coordination dashboards
  • Model progress dashboards
  • Data validation dashboards
  • Facility data extraction
  • LEED consultancy and certification management

Our BIM execution methodology and supporting tools help optimise the production of information for on and off-site use.

Construction & Asset Information Model Production – The advantage of project information for construction and operations is dependent on model quality. We provide the modelling services needed to help your teams meet your virtual construction and your client’s facility data expectations. Project team skill gaps can be filled to meet your needs.


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